All about us

Our pre-school is a registered charity run on a not-for-profit basis is and is avaliable to all families in the communities of Botesdale, Rickinghall and Redgrave and the surrounding areas.
The pre-school (as Botesdale & Rickinghall Playgroup) was founded over 30 years ago and orginally met in the old school house at Rickinghall.  The closure of Rickinghall Village School in 1994 and its move to join Redgrave School at brand new premises (renamed as St. Botolph’s School) left the pre-school homeless until it found a new home at Botesdale Village Hall later that year. The pre-school has remained at this location ever since – in all, the pre-school has been operational for over twenty years!
Hopefully you will find our website useful but please do not hesitate to contact us - or even just pop in! - should you have any further questions.
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