Woodland days


We very much believe in encouraging learning through outdoor play and areextremely fortunate to have the use of a large woodland area attached to our pre-school.  We have recently added a large outside log cabin to the wooded area, where the children enjoy days outside and lots of exploring.

This area is well used with regular woodland days during which our children are encouraged to partipate in engaging and motivating tasks and activities in the woodland area.

Such play helps children to develop independence and self-esteem, allowing them opportunities to learn about the natural environment as well allowing a greater understanding of boundaries and risks.

There are many activites that we do while in the woods some of these are going on Bug Hunts the children love looking for all the differant creatures they can find and then learning new things about them once they have them. The children also enjoy building dens they like to find all the differant resoureces they can all around the woods and then building a den to hide in or build a story around. The Children also really love playing hide 'n' seek and finding new and inventive place to hide all over the woods.  

We try to do woodland days once a week on differant days of the week so that all the children get to excperience the benifits. This as long as the weather permits for us to be in the woods.